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of roanoke, virginia. roanoke, virginia. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> the institute of medicine is putting pressure on the fda to lower the amount of sodium and americans' diets. it is in processed foods like soup, pizza, and deli meat. there is a report from the iom that says neither the companies or the government has done enough. the average consumer eats about double the salt that they actually need. it could lead to hypertension and other health problems. dodge the fda should regulate it like it does many other substances that are not considered safe at all levels. >> they are considering the recommendations. from better to sweet. there is concern over sweeteners found in processed foods and beverages. the higher amounts of these additives could increase the risk of heart disease. doctors say if you're concerned about heart disease, you will have to look at your added sugar intake. the new study adds to the body of evidence that suggests eating a lot of hard red meat increases the risk of b
be turning in their favor. >> the republican party is energized. it is pumped. it started in virginia, went to new jersey, and that the massachusetts miracle -- absolutely we think we can replicate that in maryland. >> the rematch with gov. martin o'malley is clearly welcomed here. >> he has name recognition. he does not have to spend a penny on name recognition, and that is a big plus. we need to make sure that there is a, again, a check and balance in our government. it does not matter if you're a democrat, an independent or republican, you have to have checks and balances. >> i think we are ready to take our country back. i have lived in maryland my entire life and i'm tired of being run by democrats since 1886. time for a big change. >> i like the governor. i have campaigned for him before and plan to campaign for him again. >> the hope is that their message can take hold in maryland. >> we were never taught that anybody 0 does anything. i'm getting tired of that. -- that anybody owed us anything. and getting tired of that. and they're talking about cutting things like firemen and teach
a safe shaft into the mine before then. >> we will continue to follow the west virginia mining disaster on our website. we have posted the latest updates, video of rescue workers and a timeline of other disasters. go to and you will find the link on the homepage. >> and other cities like new york, los angeles and chicago are seeing a spike in violent crime, but baltimore is seeing a decline. in fact, it is the lowest rate of violent crime in more than a decade. >> watching the homicide numbers over the years, of course, there has been tremendous concern as they have increased. now police are saying they're at in a 33-year -- they are at a 33-year low. >> we are far from winning the race, but we're on the right track. >> from january to the beginning of april, they investigated for the murders. the latest was at the end of march when a man was shot multiple times in the head. police found his body in the lincoln park area of west baltimore. they compared these 40 murders to the 60 that they had at the same time last year. they claim that homicides are at a 33-year low. >> the
little bit of cloud cover down across parts of virginia and out over the mountains, but mostly clear round baltimore. it feels cool, but these numbers are pretty close to normal. there is a warm up on the way. it is 61 here in baltimore, but 80 degrees in chicago. we should feel some of that warmup heading into thursday and friday. the forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> still ahead, why it is important not to wait if you plan on registering your child for 3 k in baltimore city. >> a guest teacher for part of teach for america week. plus, now realize it was pointless. re>> more and more kids are beig diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. why experts say texting is to blame. >> what they were simulating in the disaster drill, and how it helps in their training. >> the tea party event in boston against the spending and taxing policies of the obama administration. administration. boss: come on in, i had some other things you can tell people about geico - great claims service and a 97% customer satisfaction rate. show people really trust us. gecko: yeah right, that makes sense. bos
are not afraid to recognize -- to exercise them. >> just across the potomac river in virginia, gun owners made a statement and did not have to say a word, but they did anyway. >> i am here today in support of my constitution. >> i think that guns in the hands of trained law-abiding citizens are excellent things. >> they believe washington is chipping away at their constitutional rights. >> we are coming to fire you this fall. we do not want you foworking he. >> for the first time, fireworks were all -- firearms rollout on park grounds. -- firearms were allowed on park grounds. washington's gun ban has been whittled down by the supreme court and the gun-control fight has all but fallen off the radar screen. gratz gun advocates do not have anything to fear right now. they should be celebrating rather than being concerned. >> but these protesters say they are not letting down their guard and not giving up their guns without a fight. once the nation's murder capital has long been ground zero and the fight rages on. >> here is what is coming your way at 5:30 p.m. >> a four-alarm fire over the weeke
at virginia marine air early this morning. smoke and flames destroyed three boats in the two-alarm fire. chris responded to contain it leak fuel from spreading, and there were no reported injuries. witnesses reported hearing an explosion shortly before the fire began. >> a teacher's aide in texas is fired, accused of using a racial slur against a student. thomas was helping another student but shares in a classroom when the exchange occurred. >> i was shocked that a so- called professional would still be using that word. >> news was made public when a certified letter from the school system surfaced, showing he had been fired. >> the ioc had decided to strip the team of baa bronze medal. the u.s. team will now be awarded the bronze medal. the national olympic committee was ordered to immediately return the metal so they could be reallocated to the u.s. team. that includes dominique dawes. >> she made headlines with news her husband cheated on her, but now sandra bulcock is in the news for something completely different. news of her adoption. >> the oil spill in the gulf of mexico has gotten so
with the storms. the biggest one is trekking across eastern virginia. this one is about to cross the potomac. the storm is moving east at 24 m.p.h. it will get to st. mary's county in the next hour or two hours. we will see what all of -- we will see when the weather will move that coming up. >> a semi overturned this morning. police say that it was hauling paper. the trailer did not fill load, but it did block iraq for several hours while it took her to remove it. -- but it did not block -- but it did block the ramp for several hours while it took -- while a tow truck tried to remove it. many people in baltimore county in or out of power. it is part of the same system that caused severe weather over the weekend. >> the cleanup continues tonight in mississippi after a deadly strain of tornadoes. 12 people were dead and dozens more injured. there is word tonight of a hero in the strike zone. jay has the emotional story. >> she would do anything in the world for anybody. >> i am in a tornado right now. >> as a violent tornado ripped across northeast mississippi, nicky's thoughts turned to her
. petersburg west virginia at saw little sun break through the cloud cover. the showers will move off the coast, but some of will form overnight. this little area of low pressure will get out of here tomorrow, and high pressure will try to fill in behind it. if there is any little bit of leftover moisture, the front may trigger an isolated shower tomorrow afternoon. most areas stay dry, but we have to factor in the possibility that a couple of isolated thunderstorms may pop up. off to the west, a stronger system is working its way through the rockies. that will impact our weather in the upcoming weekend. the futurecast shows the clearing skies in the morning tomorrow, and then isolated showers in the afternoon, especially at western maryland. it looks like it was a dry friday, and then that western storm starts to crowd in, with rain likely by saturday afternoon, leading into sunday and maybe the early part of next week. the sun will push temperatures soared 70. it is 7 with scattered showers at the creek tomorrow. a chance for the isolated shower around the bay, and temperatures right around 7
-- a setback for those searching for missing west virginia miners. >> and a new-found way to determine whether smokers are likely to be diagnosed with lung to enter. >> they play their first home >> is special gift to the city school system. congressman elijah cummings along with stephanie rawlings- blake joined at the school this morning. $850,000 in federal funds were given to the transformation schools initiative and career and technology pathway program. seniors studied such things as credit scores, and that the stock market. they were on hand to celebrate with the kids this morning. >> in tonight's medical alert, smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, but only 10% to 20% of smokers will actually develop lung cancer. what will the test tube -- what if a test could tell you if you are at higher risk? researchers have developed a test that identifies it a particular gene. the scientists found a drug to reverse this blaze appeared -- displyasia. and a new study from the cdc says raising ticket -- a cigarette prices and taxes is one of the most influential tobacco control programs. studi
of frederick. that too will slowly slide down into northern virginia. once it gets out of here, the door is open for some pretty nice weather. we will have more details of that and the warm up, coming up in just a few minutes. >> the blizzard back in december caused the city -- cost the city a pretty penny. >> in tonight was a medical alert, we ask, what is the best way to prevent a heart attack? >> there are new ways for the irs to catch mistakes on your taxes. we will tell you what to look for at 5:30 p.m. >> what happened to a 5-year-old boy insidein >> warning today of a potential catastrophe, president obama urged people at the nuclear summit to make sure that no nuclear components could end up in that strange hands. >> at his huge security summit, president obama issued a warning. >> the risk of a nuclear confrontation between a nation has gone down, but the risk of nuclear attack has gone up. >> the problem is no longer rockets carrying hydrogen bombs. it is someone with a truck or a shipping container sent by terrorists like all kited. they are trying it today -- like al aqaeda.
week in the upper big branch explosion. -- in west virginia in memory of the 29 miners killed last week in the upper big branch explosion. flags were ordered to be flying at half staff. it is the worst coal mining accident in 20 years. researchers have been set back into the minds to recover the remaining bodies. >> the n.c.a.a. championship this weekend is in taxes for the second year in a row. texas tech came in third and beauty dallas finished fourth. and congratulations to night to the local cut stacking champion who competed this began in the world finals -- cup stacking champion competed this weekend in the world finals in colorado. he finished third in his age group, stacking his cubs in just 2.4 seconds. >> that is amazing. >> still ahead, a kennedy relative find out whether he will get a new murder trial. whitey says he has proved that he was not the one who killed his neighbor. >> the pace is picking up at the state house. lawmakers just passed a bill making lawmakers just passed a bill making >> tonight, the search for a missing girl and -- enters its fourth day in florida. s
explosion in west virginia that killed 29 and a little more than a week ago. >> this is not just about a single mine. it is about all of them. the secret -- the safety record at the upper big branch mine it was traveling and it is clear that while there are many responsible companies, for too many are not doing enough to protect their workers' safety. >> inadequate ventilation and the buildup of dangerous methane gas are believed to have caused that explosion. >> sarah palin has -- is getting heat tonight over which she is asking for to give a speech. she's speaking at a financially strapped california state university. in return, the contract that she's -- that she rode up specified a private jet or first-class travel. it also says that she only takes questions from a preapproved moderator. klutz when you spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars -- >> when you spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars and then there is demand for open records, that triggers that we will look into it. >> the foundation, led by the university president, is based off the campus and use
at the airport. 34 in pittsburgh. richmond, virginia was 36 degrees. 30's all the way down to charlotte, north carolina. those 70's in the beltway. -- a low 70's in the beltway. howard county checking in at 70. and at interstate 95, 70 in white marsh, across the bay to rock hall and chestertown a comfortable upper 60's being reported at this hour. cooler out west, but starting to feel a system approach. we will see a bit of cloud cover tonight associated with a warm front. that will push up through new england during the day tomorrow and open up a summer-like weather pattern. clearing up tonight, it was winds diminishing. lows in the 40's. 69 at b.w.i. marshall. the chilly air is retreating and the warmer air is coming in. if you look in the southwest, temperatures in the 70's and low 80's. mostly clear skies early tonight, then the warm front brings some high, and clouds 3:10 p.m. tonight. the warm, southwesterly winds through that warm front -- high, thin clouds through tonight by 10:00 p.m. than warm, southwest winds through that warm front. the water temperatures need some air to get movin
back home again. >> in west virginia, rescue attempts at the upper big branch mine are back on after being suspended overnight. the hope of finding for missing miners still alive is dwindling. >> the bad news from the overnight surge left a lot of local miners less hopeful. >> it is no good. when that first shelter had not been deployed it let your hopes down. >> rescue teams that made it to the chamber -- they had hoped may be the missing miners have taken refuge. the chamber was still unused. >> you know what it means when they saw that shelter had not been deployed. >> absolutely. that was their last chance refuge. if it had not been taken advantage of, chances are slim to none that we are going to see those guys again. >> monday's explosion had been hot. a fires still burned, locking the rescuers way to the second chamber. they were ordered out. >> it is emotional for the rescuers. >> so close, but no closure. this afternoon, rest your is headed back in. president obama spoke from washington. >> it is a profession not without risk and danger. the workers in their family know that
times. >> if you'd like to comment, you can log on to our website, >> in west virginia, there is still no sign of life from four miners missing since sunday is a huge explosion. efforts are accelerating to push through to where they might be holed up. the committee mourns the dozens who were killed. >> as family and friends waited and hoped for miracle, the drilling teams made the unexpected, quick progress, boring 86-inch wide hold down to where four of the men -- to where some of the men died on monday. they are using pumps to pull methane from the chamber so rescuers can re-enter. >> they are charged up and ready to go. they will go in a moment's notice. >> arriving miers i have made it to one of two steel shelters. >> we know they did not come out. the next option would be for them to go to that chamber. >> these breast the shelters are located will. we know where they are. -- these rescue shelters are locatable. >> i believe they have taken the men to safety. i believe that is where my brother will be found. >> why was there not an explosion? it was cited 12 times
that the 10- year-old guerrilla to become a constable in virginia. there is an uptick of ancestry interest. >> you could come in and look at the census for the civil war, revolutionary war records and immigration records on microfilm. >> civil war rosters' often provide shoppers. >> one of the biggest upsets people can have is when they have a confederate ancestors who became a union soldier. >> some of that same information can be found on line. partners on "who do you think you are" and has millions of active subscribers. >> actress susan sarandon traces her family tree on tonight's episode. >> here is a look at what is coming at new at 6:00. >> abate audit reveals how polluters get away with it in maryland. >> a police involved shooting here in and around accounting, the second this year. details are coming up in a live report. -- here in and around accounting. -- here in anne arundel county. >> live, local, latebreaking. >> a beloved church leader is laid to rest, the man who made many friends and touched many lives as baltimore's archbishopric william donald borders is be
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